Are You Struggling With Pest Birds On Your Baltimore Property?

pigeons on sidewalk

You probably accept pigeons as part of life if you live in Baltimore. Just like the rats that infest the city, pigeons are commonplace in Baltimore, and you’ll see them often in parks where people will feed them. But, while pigeons might be part of the backdrop of this bustling metropolis, they can be a real nuisance if they roost around your home or business. Pigeons and other pest birds in Baltimore are no joke, so it’s essential to do what you can to prevent them. Find out what to do if you find pigeons around your property and how pest control in Baltimore can help. 

How Do I Know If I Have A Bird Problem On My Property?

The most obvious sign of a bird problem is seeing groups of birds roosting on or around your home or business, but it can be challenging to gauge the extent of the issue. Since birds like pigeons are common in the area, you might not know if they are passing by or have started to nest around your property. Looking for nests and paying attention to the frequency of seeing the birds may help determine a problem. Seeing droppings on the roof or around the property can also indicate a bird infestation. For pest bird control in Baltimore, contact ATC Pest Control.

Is It Safe To Feed The Pigeons In Baltimore?

There aren’t many wild animals in Baltimore, so creatures like pigeons can seem attractive. However, while many people feed pigeons in Baltimore, we advise against this. Pigeons can cause health problems for people. Their droppings can release a fungal spore that causes histoplasmosis, and they spread other illnesses as well, such as salmonellosis.

Plus, pigeons can carry parasites like ticks and fleas, and these nasty little creatures can transmit even more diseases to you or your pets. So, overall, it’s best not to engage pigeons or give them a reason to come around you and your building.

Do Bird Nets Really Keep Birds Away?

Bird nets can be effective for deterring pigeons and other nuisance birds, but the installation is best left to professionals. It can be challenging to place bird nets effectively, especially in a city like Baltimore, where buildings are large and full of many excellent nesting areas. For the best results, reach out to our team for professional bird control solutions. We take a humane approach to bird control, always aiming to remove and deter the birds without harming them. Furthermore, our bird netting is nearly invisible and will not affect the accessibility of the lighting, utilities, or electrical components of your building.

Overall, the best way to remove and prevent pest birds is with assistance from the pest bird control experts at ATC Pest Control.

How To Deter Nuisance Birds

There are a few steps you can take independently to keep nuisance birds away. Preventing trash overflow around your building and keeping standing water to a minimum can help make your property less attractive to them. However, because pigeons and other birds are prevalent in the city, it’s usually much easier and more effective to let the Baltimore pest control professionals help. Give ATC Pest Control a call today to learn more about bird control and request a free estimate.

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