The Fastest Way To Get Rid Of A Mole Problem In Your Baltimore Yard

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Moles may seem like harmless pests to have around. However, these small unground animals have the potential to ruin your entire landscape, which could end up costing you a lot of money in the long run. 

At ATC Pest Control, we understand how important your garden, plants, and other parts of your landscape can be. That is why our Baltimore pest control specialists have worked diligently to come up with a comprehensive mole prevention and elimination plan that will help take the hassle out of mole control. 

How To Tell If It's Moles In Your Yard

Moles spend almost every minute of their lives underground. It is unlikely that you will actually see a mole hanging out around your home. However, even though you might not be able to see one with your own eyes, they leave behind some fairly noticeable clues that let you know that they are in your yard. Some of the most common signs of moles in your yard include:

  • Patches of dead or discolored grass in your yard
  • Raised ridges that are long and sometimes make a criss-cross design
  • Mounds of dirt that are in the shape of a cone
  • Soft and squishy soil in parts of your yard that sink down when stepped on

If you have moles in your yard, you're likely to see a lot of your plants and flowers die. This will allow weeds to quickly take over your yard.

Moles In Your Yard Can Create Many Problems

In addition to having parts of your yard ruined, having moles in your yard can also be slightly dangerous as well. When a mole digs up portions of your yard, it can cause the ground to be raised or uneven. If you don't notice the new soil levels, it could cause you to trip and fall or twist your ankle when walking through your yard. 

The tunnels that moles create in your yard could also attract other rodents to your property. Often, mice and rats will use these tunnels as a way to safely travel closer to your home. 

Factors That Attract Moles To Your Yard

The only reason moles come into your yard is to look for food. They prefer moist soil that has plenty of ground-dwelling bugs in it. Some of the different prey that moles eat include grubs, earthworms, and ants. 

If you want to avoid attracting moles to your yard, you need to make sure that you are not attracting their favorite snacks to your yard. Using mulch and compost around your yard could draw earthworms and other tiny insects to your property. You should also consider removing any old tree stumps, unused garden tools, or any other objects that may be cluttering up your yard and invest in grub control for mole control. Also, be sure to keep your grass cut short to eliminate hiding spots and deter other insects from invading your yard. 

The Best Way To Get Rid Of A Mole Problem

It can be extremely difficult to prevent moles in your yard. The best way to ensure that moles are staying out of your Baltimore yard is to hire a professional pest control company. At ATC Pest Control, we know exactly what it takes to remove and prevent moles in your yard. We take a multi-step approach with all of our pest control solutions to ensure that the problem is completely solved, and we take extra steps to ensure that the problem does not come back in the future. Give us a call today to schedule your inspection. 

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