Wasp Prevention 101: Steps You Can Take To Keep Wasps At Bay In Baltimore

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Wasps are a notoriously sneaking pest in Baltimore. Homeowners may see one or two on their property and think nothing of it until a nest appears. How can Baltimore homeowners prevent wasps from moving onto their property?

ATC Pest Control is the leading wasp removal service in Baltimore, and we want to help residents keep their homes wasp-free. We've written a quick guide to prevent all types of wasps below. Continue reading to learn how to keep yourself safe, and call ATC Pest Control for the best pest control in Baltimore

Wasp Identification Tips: Behaviors To Help You Identify Wasps

Due to similarities in appearance, wasps are often confused with other stinging insects, such as bees. However, they have unique behaviors that make wasp identification much easier. The most telling trait is their aggressive behavior; they will go to great lengths to defend their hives when they feel threatened. 

Wasps also differ in their sting. Unlike bees, wasps can sting more than once and don't die as a result. They often sting multiple times in quick succession when on the attack. Let ATC Pest Control help keep your property wasp free with our comprehensive residential pest control services. We'll inspect the inside and outside of your home to find harborage spots and devise a plan that's right for you. Call us today to get a free quote!

Wasp Infestations: Health Risks And Property Damage

There's no safe way to live with wasps on your property. Not only will they attack if they think you're getting too close to their home, but some will suffer severe allergic reactions that could be fatal. When wasps attack, they release pheromones that attract more attackers, too. 

But then there's your home to worry about. Wasps break down wood to extract cellulose, which they then use to build nests. If attached to your home, fibers from the completed nest can cause additional damage.

Prompt wasp removal is critical to keeping your home and family safe. ATC pest control mixes traditional techniques and cutting-edge technology to find pest problems on your property. We pride ourselves on throughout inspections so we can get treatments right the first time.

Strategies For Wasp Prevention: Effective Tips And Tricks

Once your home is free of wasps, it's time to make some changes so you can prevent future problems. Here are some simple wasp prevention strategies you can implement:

  • Seal cracks, holes, and other gaps in your roof, walls, and around windows and doors to block entry points.
  • Make sure to seal garbage bins tightly and pick up trash immediately after eating outside.
  • You can purchase a fake wasp nest and place it on or near your home to deter wasps from building their own nearby.

ATC Pest Control technicians will educate you on effective ways to keep wasps away from your home as part of our post-treatment monitoring. We want each customer to have the knowledge needed to maintain pest-free properties long into the future.

Safe and Effective Wasp Removal: Contact Us Right Away!

Wasps are a menace that should be dealt with ASAP, but you shouldn't try to remove them alone. Doing so puts you at risk and, if not done correctly, may only partially end the problem. So let our professional team do the work for you.

ATC offers custom and comprehensive home pest control solutions in the Baltimore area. We work with our customers to ensure we've addressed every extent of the problem to their satisfaction. Call us today to learn about our wasp and wasp nest removal services.

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