What To Do If Bats Have Invaded Your Baltimore Home

brown bat on a window screen

Bats are one type of wildlife that could enter your home in Baltimore. Bats will squeeze through holes in the roof and hide in your home's attic or other dark, quiet spaces. 

Learn how to control bats in the attic or have these animals safely removed from your home. When bats unexpectedly arrive in your home to bear pups or live permanently, get help from a Baltimore pest control company immediately.

Signs That Bats May Be Living In Your Home

If you suspect bats are inside your home, there are several signs to look for: 

  • There may be a strong ammonia smell in your home from bat urine.
  • You hear high-pitched chirps, scratching, and flapping from bats in and around your property. 
  • There are greasy marks around holes and crevices that bats use to enter your home.
  • You notice bat droppings or guano throughout your home or attic, which can lead to foul odors, stains, contaminated water, and transmit pathogens when handled.
  • You notice bats flying around your property when the sun rises or sets.

When bats are squeaking and flying about your house, bat control services near you are an effective solution. As a homeowner in Baltimore, you must know how to control bats in and around the house safely.

Why Bats In Your House Can Be Dangerous

Do you want to know how to control bats in your house to keep your family safe? When bats roost inside your home, they can prove harmful. These misunderstood creatures can transmit the following to people and pets:

  • Parasites
  • Nipah virus
  • Histoplasmosis
  • Rabies
  • Salmonella
  • Ebola virus

Avoid a dangerous situation and contact Baltimore's best bat control company, ATC Pest Control, for bat problems.

Bat Removal Is Best Left To The Professionals

Most bats inside your home are likely new pups or mothers looking for a safe place to bear their young. Because bats can carry pathogens or may bite or scratch when threatened, it's better to avoid handling or removing them.

Whether bats are trapped on your property or keep returning to your home, it's time to call the professionals. ATC Pest Control understands the unique needs of homeowners for bat control. Our technicians provide pest control services to the interior and exterior of your home after conducting a thorough inspection.

To prevent disease transmission from bats to humans, avoid physically handling bats and indirect contact with guano and other waste products.

How To Avoid Future Bat And Wildlife Problems On Your Property

Bats in Baltimore typically mate in the fall and winter and give birth to new pups in the late spring and early summer. During bat pup season, homeowners should look for fledgling bats in attics, sheds, wall voids, eaves, and soffits.

When bats fly around in the evening, they might sneak into holes in your roof or enter through open windows and doors. Be careful about the type of lighting around your home, as bats will hang around outdoor lights with plenty of tasty insects nearby.

Install barriers like chimney covers and window screens. Ensure your roof is in good repair and seal any cracks or gaps around your property that bats can enter through.

If you want to keep your home bat-free, call the bat control specialists at ATC Pest Control. Our technicians use eco-friendly bat control products and exclusion techniques that are safe and effective. Avoid handling bats and let a trained technician provide humane removal of adult bats and pups from your home.

Remove food and water sources bats can use to survive on your property. Keep your home well-lit, clean, and dry so bats don't have dark, neglected places to hide.

Stay prepared for incoming bats and do your best to naturally deter them from hanging out in dark corners. The best way to control bats in Baltimore is to call ATC Pest Control. Contact us today for a free estimate or schedule an appointment for pest and wildlife control services. 

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